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Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies.   Clarissa, pisces. The taste of chocolate, awake nights, unfinished books and a lot of writing and loving. This is a story of a mermaid who lost her way to the ocean. A mermaid song, an endless love letter to no one and to everyone, all the heartbreaks and all the love.

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    A while ago, I watched the documentary about Alan More called “The Mindscape of Alan Moore”. I often think of when he talks about what he calls “the fool’s leap”, the moment in life when you decide to be an artist, and how scary it can feel. Jumping into the unknown with no assurance that you are…

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    I need you
    to be patient with me.
    Sometimes you will find me
    curled up like the cat
    and you will have to tell me
    you are
    you are
    you are.

    Sometimes you will need to hold my hands
    so they do not mindlessly graze
    over broken ribs
    softly nestled behind flesh.

    And sometimes you will have to let me go
    so I may be reminded
    that I saved myself many a times,
    and I can do it again.
    I need you
    to be patient with me.

    Michelle K., Patient With Me. (via michellekpoems)

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    "The meaning of life is that it stops."
    Franz Kafka  (via sorrowgone)

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